About HRDC

Dr. Namrata Sharma
A. To create world class professional teachers, equipped with latest state of the art tools and skills for the teaching profession.

B. To produce excellent teachers who have good ICT skills, communication skills, team building spirit and have the ability to deliver quality and value based education to the students of higher education.

C. To inculcate sound research competencies in the teachers who come to attend the training programmes.

Dr. Namrata Sharma

Dr. Bhumesh Gupta

Dr. Jaishree Bansal

Mr. Kuldeep Chauhan
Assistant Grade-I

Mr. Dinesh Raghuwanshi
Assistant Grade-III

Mr. Digambar Mahajan

Courses Conducted

List Of participants(2014-15)

List Of participants(2015-16)

List of Eminent Resource Persons

Participants Feedback

  • Smart Class Rooms - Available
  • ICT - Available
  • Hostel/Guest House - Available
  • Library - Available
  • Multi-purpose halls - Not Ready
  • Experiential learning to the participants of most of the Refresher Programmes.
  • Themes of the Refresher courses are decided keeping in view the current relevance and latest trends.
A. Online applications accepted for the courses.

B. Admission letter issued online 100%.

C. Online tests of the participants using MOOC/MOODLE.

These are the major reforms which saves time, energy, finance and environment